Mini Pro Tank




The Mini ProTank

The Mini ProTank features a Bottom Coil System, this means that the Atomizer is situated in the bottom of the tank (opposite to the CE4+/CE6+ or Nova type). Eliquid does not need to travel up wicks, making changing flavours an Instant possibility! Other advantages of a BCC are that the Atomizer has a constant supply of eLiquid and it is a sealed unit, so No Dry Hits and No Leaking!

Another fantastic feature of the Mini ProTank is that it is also a ‘Replaceable Atomizer System’. If your Atomizer comes to the end of it’s life, just simply buy a replacement Atomizer for a fraction of the cost of a whole new Tank (the Atomizer can be unscrewed from the base).

The Mini ProTank design also makes it easy to refill. It’s filled by turning the tank upside down, unscrew the base, add eLiquid (straight from the bottle) to the fill level (top of the inner metal tube) and replace the base (diagram at bottom of page).

The Mini ProTank are made to Exceptional Standards, the unit itself is Stainless Steel from the Base to the Tip and polished to a Mirrored finish. Each tank features a clear tank which is available in a variety of colours.

Mini ProTank;

  • Polished Stainless Steel Tank available in a variety of different colours
  • Replaceable Atomizer System
  • No Dry Hits & No Leaking
  • Change to a New Flavour Instantly
  • Easily Refilled
  • Fits any eGo or 510 Battery

Below is a simple image to show how to fill up the Mini ProTank.
Filling a Kanger® Mini ProTank™


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